Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Looking for best vitamin supplements? Thousands of brands of vitamin supplements are sold in shops and online vitamin supplements store. Many claim that there is the best vitamin supplements for you.

You need to investigate the vitamin supplement manufacturers to ensure what you are eating is of highest quality.

Here is a quick checklist for best vitamin supplements manufacturers:

1. Is the product provided in a single dose? (a once-a-day simply can't provide the level of potency needed).

If any product has that claim, look closer. It may not be true.
2. Is the potency level of the ingredients high enough to provide optimal daily nutritional intake without compromising safety?

Most multivitamin provide 100% of the RDI except major minerals like calcium. You need to take calcium supplements separately to meet your RDI.

3. Are the ingredients provided in their most bioavailable form?

Synthetic vitamin C with bioflavonoid improves tremendously the absorption of vitamin C into your body.

Synthetic vitamin E is only 50% bioavailable for absorption.

4. Does the company meet the United States and Canadian pharmaceutical guidelines - for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

Be aware that there are two GMPs, one is pharmaceutical GMP and the other is food GMP. The former is more stringent.

5. Is the product formulated to meet pharmaceutical standards for full disintegration and dissolution?

A simple home test can tell if the vitamin tablet can disintegrate.

6. Is the vitamin supplement product independently tested, reviewed and guaranteed for potency and safety? and do such test and reviews.

7. Is the product manufactured in-house (not contracted to the lowest bidder)?

You can tell by reading their manufacturing literature.Steroids Australia If none is available, write to them for one.

8. Does the label list all active ingredients and the DV or RDI percentage clearly and readable?

Read the label, if you see more 'extra' ingredients than you need, probably you are paying for such extra ingredients.

9. Is the product potency guaranteed for a specific shelf life?

10. Is the safety profile of each ingredient thoroughly researched and evaluated?

11. Is the product free of ingredients that may have cumulative toxicity?

12. Is the product in harmony with nature (use plant (better still organic) extract as part of their ingredients?

This is how to do a vitamin supplements home test:.
Immerse the vitamin tablet into a cup of warm water. These are all no good sign of good quality supplements.

Do a home test for your vitamin supplement tablets:.

I have personally done some disintegration tests on some multivitamin and calcium tablets. I did those test at home.

A good quality vitamin supplement will disintegrate in warm water in about 30 minutes. It should not release any color.

Keep looking if you have not found one.

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